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Here at Lewes SEO, we run meticulous, highly targeted Pay Per Click campaigns, always focussed on generating the lowest possible Cost Per Acquisition for our clients. Our attentive, qualified Adwords managers offer transparent, far-reaching campaign management. We can run campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Yandex and Baidu.

Monthly PPC Management Includes

  • A dedicated account manager
  • A PPC account renovated to our agency specifications and best practices
  • Full reporting on demand
  • Multi-network campaign capacity
  • Our arsenal of tools applied to your accounts

 Our agency standard methodology includes:

  • Human and algorithmic bid management.
  • Creative advert development.
  • Deployment of all AdWords Extension options.
  • Process and testing development for the account.
  • Mobile and Desktop/tablet targeting
  • Geographic and time-based bidding differentials

Beyond the semantic web

Modern AdWords campaigns are more than just text ads.  AdWords offers a range of extensions and exotic ad types to meet the needs of sophisticated ecommerce.  We support the complete AdWords feature set for our client base, including:

  • Product Listing Ads via the Google Merchant Centre
  • AdWords-based re-marketing systems
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Social and App Marketing Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Dynamic Search Adverts
  • Image Extensions

Reducing Cost Per Click

The real skill of PPC is not in getting your ad seen but in doing so for the lowest possible amount, and in then understanding the customer journey through the page you’ve presented so that conversions follow. Our focus at Lewes SEO is always on getting the lowest possible CPA, via some of the cleverest tricks in the book: savvy time slow management, subtle bidding strategies, and always a close alignment between landing page and Ad group. Once the campaigns are running, our continuous testing and fine-tuning means the campaigns just keep getting better and better, month after month.

What sets Lewes SEO apart?

  • Consistent Performance – our mainstay is running SEM campaigns to performance KPI’s. We know how to lower  costs, whilst generating optimum results, far more effectively than our competitors and are always willing to take on or share risk in our commercial model.
  • We’re a smaller, flexible, consultative company – we will tailor our team and adapt to your requirements speedily.
  • Highly Experienced in monetising the entire search campaign and building cross-channel strategies on long tail search data.



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