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International SEO: Key Points for Targeting Multiple Geographic areas

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If you are a business that is supplying international SEO services, there are many dos and don’ts that you should consider before you go out and market yourself to different companies. The first thing you need to do is make sure you identify all of the resources for your International SEO process from the beginning. Just always remember that when working in this type of business, you are the one that needs to assist your client; so, you need to know all of the information inside and out. You will always need to respond to your clients in the appropriate language.

You need to identify your profitable markets right from the beginning. By doing this first, you will then be able to plan the growth of your international web presence from the start. If you are choosing a country because you see that they have been searching your product the most, then anything you do to target them needs to be done in their language, so they understand. This goes for any country you are targeting. You will have to make different websites for the same product, but in their language.

Another important thing is that you never, ever, assume what the behaviors and preferences are going to be of your prospective international client. You need to ask questions and find out all of the information you can to make sure you are doing the best job for your client and are meeting all of their needs. That is what’s most important, that the client is happy. Always suggest things in a friendly manner. If you find something that you think a client will like, ask them first if they would like to see it and why you thing it will be suitable for them. Be friendly with your search engines as well. When you are promoting, you want to make everyone happy so you make the most out of your business. Thought we’re based in East Sussex, here at Lewes SEO we regularly deal with international SEO clients.

If you have website content that needs to be translated, don’t do what many people do, and copy and paste into Google the information. It needs to be written by a real person. This may be more expensive to do, but you don’t have to do it all at once. You can do it a little at a time, but this will ensure that it is done the right way. You don’t want to make any mistakes because then that will look really bad on your part and the company as well.

Always remember to validate and verify your information, no matter what it is. Have back up for everything. This will not only make you look good, but people will trust you and keep coming back.


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