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Improving Blog Readership, plus Engagement, Sharing and Links

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As we all know, a well read blog is going to mean regular visitors to your site, as well as a whole host of potential side benefits such as increased social media sharing, greater site engagement,and those all important links which are going to boost my ranking. It stands to reason, therefore, that improving your blog might be one of the top things you can do to boost your site overall. Here are some handy Lewes SEO tops for doing that. Thanks to the good folks at We are All Connected for inspiring this one.


Human beings like predictability. That means don’t start updating your blog every day, drop it to once a week, and then hit it once a month. Set yourself a target you can match and keep to it religiously.


Blogs are personal things, achieving their best resonance when they convey something of the author or brand in the way they’re written. If you’re quirky, let that show. If you’re meticulous, demonstrate that. Over time, this collection of writings may grow to offer a very singular history of your brands growth. By focussing on the tone from day one, you’re also somehow setting intention about what your brand is, where it’s heading.

Earn participation by participating

Getting a successful blog means you’re going to get comments and shares. One of the best ways to get those is to give them to others. So that means interacting with and becoming a known figure on key industry blogs and forums, and adding insightful commentary to other peoples blogs. Do this enough and your name will get around and those people are going to start reciprocating by coming to your site and seeing what you’re about. Careers have been made on less.


Seo is about relationships so, in literally every post you concoct you’ll want to be showing Google you’re hanging with the right crowd. That means not being afraid of linking out.  Here, for example, we might link to this article on Pro Blogger, which offers similar great tips to this one. What that’s done is offered a useful resource for you guys, the readership, as well as demonstrated the credibility of the article. That’s a PR5 page which doesn’t hurt either, so all in all we’re ticking the boxes. Going further, we might want to mention people by name. Rand Fishkin at Moz says so and so on this subject, is one way of doing that: again you’re demonstrating a knowledge of the subject, and you’re putting those links and citations into your content.

Email Subscriptions

For most niche bloggers particularly building your list is going to be the single most important aspect of your site in terms of revenue. If you haven’t done it yet, do it this very moment, ideally integrating your sign up form with Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor or whoever you use to manage your mailouts.


Try to blog about something which gets people excited, rather than actually inciting controversy. But you get the point: lukewarm, murky content which doesn’t really say much isn’t going to get you the surge in traffic you’ve been dreaming of. Getting out there and expressing your deepest truths is going to touch people and have them reaching for the share button. And don’t forget those social media buttons at the bottom of every post!


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