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The Best Coworking Spaces in Lewes

  7.10.2020   piers   Blog   No comments

If, like many of us, you’ve found homeworking a little tricky during COVID, you might want to explore some of the wonderful coworking opportunities available in Lewes. Here’s a few

Web Design Training in Brighton on July 25th

  11.07.2018   piers   Blog   No comments

We’re delighted to be offering some web design training at the offices of our sister company, Barefoot Web, in Brighton. This will be an evening of beginners WordPress tuition, starting

Simplifying the Web: 5 encouragements towards minimalism to get the best out of your Website design

  11.07.2014   piers   Blog   No comments

Leonardo Da Vinci once said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ That’s a good place to start this discussion of how and why we recommend keeping your site pared down to

A 10 point plan for WordPress Site Set up and SEO domination

  24.06.2014   piers   Blog   No comments

We had a conversation today with a new client coming to us after a recent penalty. They’re in a relatively low competition niche, where a matter of a 150 links

3 Common questions for website design projects

  14.06.2014   piers   Blog   No comments

Building a website can be an expensive process. Over the last year, we’ve built sites from 2 thousand to fifty thousand pounds, from simple one page ‘online business cards’ to

WordPress: the extraordinary CMS which now runs 1/3 of the internet

  9.06.2014   piers   Blog   No comments

The history of WordPress starts in 2001, when two guys called¬†Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little set out to design what they called a ‘personal publishing system’ built on PHP and

Improving Blog Readership, plus Engagement, Sharing and Links

  7.06.2014   piers   Blog   No comments

As we all know, a well read blog is going to mean regular visitors to your site, as well as a whole host of potential side benefits such as increased

The down-low on Responsive Web Design: Best Practices

  5.12.2013   piers   Blog   No comments

While responsive web design has always been a vital part of web development, today, more than ever, responsive design is more than just fad applications; it’s more about practical usages.

Why Guest Blogging Might be Coming Under Scrutiny during 2014.

  27.11.2013   piers   Blog   No comments

As Google’s algorithm gets smarter, it’s more and more likely guest blogging is going to come under the hammer. Over the last few years, writing for other websites has become

Understanding Google’s Penalty Removal And How You Can Avoid It

  18.11.2013   piers   Blog   No comments

When you’re a website owner, in Sussex or beyond, ¬†one of the most important things you focus on is driving relevant traffic to your site. This can be a lot


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