Web design and SEO from Lewes, Sussex.

Based in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex we offers a range of website design, digital marketing and management services for some top brands. Our dedicated team can help you design a site which both looks good and ranks well on the search engines. Our range of acclaimed design and search services include:

  • Stylish Web Design: from blogs to Ecommerce websites
  • Cutting Edge SEO and Website Marketing
  • Ecommerce Web Design and MagentoDevelopment
  • Lightning fast WordPress hosting using WPengine
  • Content Marketing, Web Content, and Copy Editing
  • Meticulous PPC Management: Google/Bing/Facebook/Baidu/Yandex/Naver
  • Help with Social Media + Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
Search Engine Optimization in Lewes

For a friendly discussion about your project, please contact info@lewesseo.com

Our Approach to Website Design & Development

With our long experience, great testimonials, and offering the benefit of some of the most skilled programmers, developers and digital marketers in the UK, our approach here at Lewes SEO is based on creativity, passion for what we do, hard work and the pure science of design and search. Whether you’re looking for a new website, or to push your existing rankings a bit higher in the rankings to capture greater traffic and conversions, we’re here to assist you. Along with our sister company Barefoot over in Brighton, we’ve been helping businesses grow online for the last five years.

Happy Web Clients

“Lewes SEO delivered great results for us on a very competitive set of keywords, and in an extremely narrow timeframe – we were very impressed.” – Scribbler.co.uk

Other Digital Services

  • Specialist Google Places & Local SEO
  • International/Multilingual SEO
  • Social Media & Content Distribution Networks
  • Content Creation and Copy Writing
  • Guest Blogging and Webmaster Outreach
  • Any kind of coding/PHP/HTML
  • WordPress Web Design Brighton

SEO in 2016

Getting a website to the top in 2014 requires tremendous skill, dedication and patience. We bring a tried and test methodology, careful testing, practices which confirm to the guidelines laid out for Webmasters by Google, and combine that with state of the art SEO software, analytics and reporting, as well as out trademark customer service. Understanding the Google algorithm means to understand the complex network of relationships by which Google ascertain relevance. After first carefully optimizing your website, using the latest LSI (latent semantic indexing) techniques, we’ll then spend time digging in to your competitors, and understanding just why the top sites in your niche are ranking. After that, there are a number of options when it comes to replicating, and superseding their link patterns. While many people like to make SEO out as a dark art, it’s actually a simple network of relationships.Put simply, Google wants to see you allied with quality, which means we’ll need to figure out who the strongest brands are in your niche, and make sure you’re in the same ballpark.

Content Creation for a better Web

Current reckoning puts the total content on the web at already in excess of a trillion pages, and that figure will be likely dwarfed within a few years. What that means is that, as a website owner, you have take the quality of your content seriously if it isn’t simply going to vanish. Here at Lewes SEO, we’re experts in creating salient, precise web copy which sells your brand effectively. We can craft blog posts, elegant sales copy, hard hitting journalistic editorial, and witty social media one liners. We’re also adept at content marketing, which is the practice of writing content with the intent of driving sales or promoting brand engagement. For many companies, intelligent content creation has become one of the most effective ways to generate inbound leads. We’ll work with you to establish topics and themes, establish an editorial calendar, then either write directly or work with your existing team to develop the type of content which is going to stand out. By distributing this content via your social media channels you then have the beginnings of a content cycle which is going to form the engine room of your brand on the web: the driving force behind brand development, increased website engagement, and eventually sales and conversions.

Effective Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

For many businesses, Pay Per Click is going to form the lodestone of your web marketing, offering a steady stream of leads, sales and conversions at a pace which can be turned up or down, depending on your need. When they’re run properly, these campaigns generally offering an excellent ROI, and form a reassuring bedrock to your online presence. Not dependent on the Google algorithm, they’re in that sense an easier, smoother way to manage your inbound marketing. Here at Lewes, we offer a precise, scientific approach to PPC and we’ve run effective campaigns for scores of companies, both on Google and Bing, as well as on the platforms of Yandex, Naver, and Baidu.

Social Media to promote your Website

The best reason to do social media, in our opinion, is that it offers a potential source of business not dependent on the Google algorithm. Our methods involve a three step process. Firstly, we spent time ‘influencer mapping.’ This means gaining an understanding (via some cutting edge software) of who the key movers and shakers in your niche are. Once this is mapped, we start following them at an agreed velocity. Over time your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts start to build nicely, bringing us to Stage Two which is the process of sharing, commenting and associating with the influencers. We retweet their blog posts, we like their pages, we interact authentically and become an established presence in their online world. Stage three is to inject our own bit of content, when the time is right. When done properly, this will means that favours are repaid and suddenly all the hard work starts to pay off as one of the influencers ‘shares’ our post, while we watch the traffic graph soar. This process is simply to that adopted on an SEO level: we have to ally ourselves with quality. And this also means become a viable, respected member of the online communities which matter for our business. It’s important to remember that these methods take time to implement, and a huge amount of effort. But in the long haul they can make a tremendous difference to your profile on the web, and ultimately to your sales. When that happens, it’s suddenly clear that it was all worth it.

Elegant WordPress, Magento and Joomla Website Design

Although we started as an SEO company, it quickly became clear to us that the process of helping a business succeed on the web was inseparable from the process of creating sites themselves. Great web design incorporates not just snappy aesthetics, clean lines, and punchy copy, it also brings to the table an understanding of how customers interact with your website, what’s going to make them fall in love with your products and services. Although we can built sites in Drupal, Joomla, or custom PHP, we prefer to use the WordPress CMS, for it’s great flexibility, its constantly expanding arsenal of plugins and themes, and for its high performance on the web. Ask us about our web design service, or check out our portfolio page to see some of our recent designs.

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